On The Father, Joseph Matt (CCR)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011 The Kansas City Star, page 1
Headline: Lawsuit alleges priest’s paternity

Granted abusing children is infinitely more debased than having sex with a consenting adult. Granted the consenting adult was vulnerable in the therapy session, transference known to every 101 Psychology student. Granted the woman/mother gave birth to the priest’s child, hiding paternity for many years. Granted the priest may not have presented himself as a trained therapist but simply offered his position as priest and friend. Granted the sexual relationship continued over a period of time, consensual sex.

Many years ago, my grandfather scorned the church because the local priest ‘had a woman’. To my grandfather the “sanctimonious position of the church regarding women and sex was disgusting, especially in light of what Pop believed to be common practice–a priest ‘having a woman’. Pop was born in Missouri in the late 1800s.

John Doe reports (page 9, Kansas City Star, September 27, 2011) that “My lawyer asked Bishop Finn what they were going to do about Joe Matt…And his answer was, well, Joe Matt’s done all these great things, he’s been a good guy, he takes care of his brother. All he did was compliment how good a guy Matt was.” Joe Matt returned to parish work after acknowledging paternity.

Many of my blogs reference the Catholic Church stated position: One True, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic…the one true church built on the rock called Peter and based on the Jesus philosophy. Many of my blogs reference my Catholic baptism and my years of sincere and loyal participation. Many of my blogs reference the beauty of hundreds of wonderful people true to the liturgy, tradition and dogma of the church.

I have written on sexual abuse of children by ordained priests, men of position and power entrusted with the welfare of those children. I acknowledge that many other organizations have dealt with abuse issues.

I have challenged the Catholic Church position that women are lesser than–unworthy to function in the roles assigned to men.
I have challenged the Catholic Church position on gay marriage, on homosexual persons created in that ‘image and likeness of God’ part of the creation story. I have supported the repeal of Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell. I have supported gay marriage and the rights of gay couples to parent children.

A whitened sepulcher is the image that refuses to leave. A magnificent edifice created on the beautiful teachings of a man named Jesus. This man named Jesus taught social justice, integrity, truth, adherence to stated principles. The building is a singular masterpiece until the doors open and the extent of corruption spills out.

Remember the parable of the widow’s mite, the pittance given (and praised). In her great need, the widow gave her money to the propagation of the so-called faith and her story became a part of the yearly calendar of readings. That widow’s mite helps to support a splendid city of pomp and wealth. Maybe Jesus would be shaking the dirt from his rope sandals.


Bleeding Truth (CCR)

Friday, September 2, 2011 Page 1, The Kansas City Star
Report Faults Diocese In Ratigan Investigation

Friday, September 2, 2011, Page A4 The Kansas City Star
Man’s suit accuses clergy of abuse

In the front page story regarding the handling of the Shawn Ratigan case as well as other abuse allegation, the Todd Graves law firm reports that the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph “…went off track, bungling its own investigation and failing to even follow its own policies..individuals in positions of authority reacted to events in ways that could have jeopardized the safety of children…report lists numerous recommendations for how the diocese can better protect children.”

Under a photo of Bishop Robert Finn, the report says that Finn relied on limited advice before transferring Ratigan and put too much trust in Ratigan to stay away from children. (Bold type is mine.)

There are Catholics who call the investigation of the sanctioned cover-up of child molesters as a vendetta against the church, using child abuse in other churches and venues as proof that Catholics are being held to a higher standard.

For decades, the Catholic Church set this bar, labeling itself as the one, true, holy, catholic and apostolic church. For decades, the Catholic Church set this bar, teaching that baptism in the Catholic Church was the path to salvation.

For decades, the Catholic Church gave the Pope infallibility when teaching on faith and morals. God taught through the mouth of the Pope–even the Popes who fathered children, amassed personal wealth and ignored (sanctioned) abuse.

The high standard, the rules, set by the players themselves, monitored the men of the Catholic Church. The Piper plays a bitter tune.

There are Catholics who label the investigation of the church sanctioned cover-up of child molesters the work of the devil.

Easy out.

Blame the devil for the evil in the abusers and the rest of the church can do the ritual hand washing.

A final curiosity. Why does the Catholic Church require the investigation of a law firm to instruct the men of the church in the ways of protecting children—from the men of the church?

Judy L. Thomas gets the byline on the story about a recent allegation of abuse by a Monsignor Thomas O’Brien and by Rev. Isaac True of Conception Abbey . (For those unfamiliar with Catholic titles, Monsignor is a title of honor, a step up from Reverend, and earned by service to the Catholic Church.) The alleged abuse by O’Brien and True took place in the late 1970’s. O’Brien, after years of allegations of abuse, was finally removed from public ministry in 2002. Isaac True was president-rector of Conception Seminary from 1973 to 1988. Last year the abbey honored True for 50 years of religious life.

Bleeding truth.

The Swill Thickens (CCR)

Kansas City Star, Thursday, June 9, 2011 Front page headline:
Once-accused priest now leads church inquiries
Opening sentence: “The Catholic official who oversees sex abuse complaints against priests in Kansas City-St. Joseph Diocese has himself been accused of past sexual improprieties.”

With any due respect, with awareness that an accusation is not a conviction, with further awareness that I am not privy to the workings of the Catholic Church protocols when dealing with priests who sexually or physically abuse children I submit that an accused fox guarding the chicken house is not a good strategy for garnering credibility.

Opinion Page, A 17 Headline: ROME FIDDLES WHILE CHURCH BURNS, commentary by Maureen Dowd

Tell me again, please, that the Catholic Church believes their own propaganda that the incidents of abuse are isolated and definitely not handled through deceit and cover-up. In Dowd’s piece she recounts Ireland’s Archbishop Martin’s tearful account of an abusing Irish priest who built a swimming pool, allowing only boys of certain looks and age to enter the garden. Depraved…”and Dickensian treatment of children in the care of the Irish Catholic Church–a fifth circle of hell hidden for decades by church and police officials–the Irish are still angry and appalled.”

Martin, according to Dowd, has been ostracized by fellow bishops and snubbed by the Holy See. Martin’s crime? Speaking out against pedophiles, publishing his findings and begging forgiveness from God and from the victims while praising the victims for the courage to come forward. In Martin’s words: “Nobody could have read what I have read and not did what I did. If I didn’t react to the stories I heard, there would be something wrong.”

There is something so terribly wrong that the mind cannot comprehend the depth of this wrong. How can a church, spewing out its belief in the Jesus philosophy go so deep into the bowels of hell?

The Catholic Church is burning by its own actions, by the depravity of believing in the preservation of the institution, the safety and structure as created by the men of Rome, over any of the teachings of Jesus. It is a Jesus quote about vomiting that comes to mind..

Soul Weary, Heart Sick and Justifiably Angered (CCR)

Theresa, a Gentle Reader,  took me to task over whether the first or second in command, Bishop Finn or Robert Murphy,  actually read the letter regarding Ratigan.  Now the information about communication referencing Ratigan dates back to  2006.

So what, Theresa?   Does is matter if Finn or Murphy continued the orchestrated cover-up?  Read the Kansas City Star, Friday, June 3, 2011, Front Page.

Soul weary, heart-sick and justifiably angered.

Two articles, Gentle Readers, on the structured and sanctioned cover-up for and by Catholic priests, protecting other Catholic priests and the corruption within the institution are on the front page of The Kansas City Star, June 3, 2001.

Soul weary, heart-sick and justifiably angered.

Perhaps there will be more to say later, but today?  I hope Archbishop Dolan is revisiting the physical reactions to abuse scandals.