Bake Me A Cake…A Mini, That Is!

I swear the title posted by itself.  Fingers poised over this first line of typing and Presto! Publish clicked by itself and the title posted.  Really.  It did.

All ready to type about my gigantic kitchen mess and the title was enough, I guess.  Or maybe the blog site wasn’t ready for my total ineptitude.

Ever make these little mini cupcakes?  Look so cute, one bite of perfect chocolate taste topped by a decorative squiggle of butter cream.

This is about the third time my determination was stronger than the memory of the first and second time I baked these little treats.  Each mini requires about two teaspoons of batter.  I make enough mess with regular size cupcakes so getting the bite size bit of batter into the cute little papers takes precision and patience.  Patience, yes…I good for that.  Precision, not so much.

Regular cupcakes take about 3 or 4 minutes to fill the tins and slide into the oven.  These little messes take forever with constant stops to wipe away the drips and dabs.

And the batter multiples in the bowl.  My favorite Betty Crocker mix makes a perfect layer cake but the secret formula increases exponentially when mini pans show up.  Somehow it knows.  This is the that song that never ends…goes on and on and on, my friends.

But you know what?  The minis are really cute with that butter cream top, and the kitchen smells wonderful.  So what if I have dish pan hands, cluttered counter top and have used a roll of paper towels in the process.  And, of course, something this small cannot possible have any countable calories, right?


Valentine Day

Snap shot.  Standing at the card rack looking for non-smarmy sentiments for husband, adult children and grandchildren.   Gentlemen standing a bit to my left. Moving a bit closer, he asked,  “What cards are you looking for?  Husband?  Grandchildren?  There are some good .99 cards here.”

When my non-committal answer did not end the query, he said, “Want to know what I am looking for?”

OK, my conscience pricked.  Maybe he is lonely and just wants to talk about someone special.  He was grandparent category.  So I smiled and waited.

“A dog.  I am looking for a card to send to my daughter’s dog.  Want to help me look?”

Not especially.  Again, I tried that non-committal smile coupled with, “Good Luck”.

An extra doggy treat, a longer walk in the park, more affectionate petting would seem a nice choice, but a greeting card?

Remembering A Dog Named Lucy

Lucy belonged to Chris or maybe Chris belonged to Lucy.  Lucy was powerful in jaw and shoulders, a rescued dog that Chris took from painful timidity to gentle companion.  As Lucy aged, her body failed in bits and parts but Chris healed her in every way possible including an awful decision to have one of Lucy’s leg amputated.  If you, Gentle Reader, have loved a pet you know the dedication that kept Lucy alive.  And if you have had to say good-bye to that pet, you know anguish.

Lucy has been gone a couple of years now but the snow and cold always remind me of her hop-walk leaving the strange look of three paw prints.

And you also know, Gentle Reader, that I can take leaps into strange thought places from the most unlikely starting point.  Right now that new thought is about what we save…what we cherish…what we heal..what has worth to us.

There are so many people in our lives that are important.  We all have broken things in need of healing.  Marriages and relationships  to be tightened in the splintered parts.  Friendships needing more open validation, more words of  appreciation.

Consider the time where there isn’t anymore.  When the warmth of a person is gone.  No more conversations.  No smiles.  No hugs.  When our time together is all used up.  No more ‘in a minute’.  No more minutes.

Time is important and we need to cherish the people who make our life important.