Pat Antonopoulos

Whenever there is a personal milestone of celebration, the family sits in the first several rows of our church. During the service, the pastor will recognize and bless the occasion. Our congregation is small and such a celebration gathering is obvious throughout the church.
On Valentine Day the front pews filled as the extended family continued to arrive, beautifully dressed with smiles to match. The service began and the pastor came forward touching the shoulders of the oldest couple in the family group. He stood quietly for a minute or two as if he were awed by the occasion.
Facing the congregation, Pastor Frank announced that today was the 60th Wedding Anniversary for this couple. Applause, sustained and sincere, filled the church.
Their life together began in Europe 60 years ago. They immigrated to the United States, raised a family, struggled with the problems of learning a new culture, cherishing the former culture, finding work, educating their children, blending while staying separate.
This celebration was a tribute to the bedrock meaning of love.