Memorial Day; Dying In Our Arms

That is exactly how it must play out.  Hawk or Dove, we, the living, must hold each individual in our arms as if, in the moment of death, we were there to comfort every woman and man who died serving in any armed forces.

Hawk and Dove are nouns most used during the Viet Nam era, words that defined personal philosophy and used to justify treatment of the military.  A personal philosophy of war somehow gave reason to denigrate women and men who stepped up and stepped into horrors known only to those who shared participation.

Every white stone in seemingly endless rows, lined across a military cemetery represents the life and death of a member of the military, a story, a history, a record of a loved one.

Memorial Day honors the memory and the service of participates of all wars, all branches of the military, all those who served.  Our reaching out and touching individuals with comfort and validation can only be figurative once the white stone appears.

Memorial Day is our opportunity to speak, to acknowledge, to appreciate.  It is our opportunity to offer comfort and validation to every member of the Armed Services.   How grateful we are for the opportunity.