Going The Distance

In the beginning the ‘distance’ might have been a football field or any version of a race. A sports phrase became cliche because it fits so much of what we do. The difference being that in a sporting event, we see the end-point–the uprights, the checkered flag, final score, the finish line. Day to day takes a different kind of perseverance.

We might hope for, work towards a specific result, but we don’t know the distance. Some might say that positive thinking will get you what you seek, that if one believes, success will happen. Others might say that commitment and determination are the qualities needed for reaching any goal. Still others will say that any outcome is part of a Larger Plan and we should accept whatever results. Not my choice.

One of my elementary school teachers, a Sister of Charity of Leavenworth, had a rule for test study. “Pray like everything depended on God, but work like everything depends on you.” She covered both sides of that Larger Plan without giving her students any reason to make excuses. I liked that.

Four Ordinary Women has benefited from the persistent commitment of Patti’s husband, Wood Dickinson. Take a look at our website
Look a bit more and enjoy our blogs as listed on the website. They are beautiful. They have taken a tremendous amount of Wood’s time and talent.

Have you ever been really good at something and been asked to share that hobby with someone just learning? Maybe play tennis or golf with a total beginner? Patience, right? Takes unbelievable patience to pull it off without deep sighs, barely perceptible shakes of the head and a sore spot from biting the tongue. Wood is computer expert and we are rank duffers, but I have never felt his impatience even when I ask the same stuff over and over.

I have often talked about the steep-learning-curve that has taken us from writing to publishing to marketing to distributing. Patti has used the expression, “slogging through waist deep sand” to describe parts of this adventure. There are days when her words felt exactly right. However, we could not have come this far without the constant commitment of Wood’s perseverance.

There is no doubt that we are going the distance.