Forever Now

We establish our silent companions as we mature, not always able to discard the most painful.

The death of a parent, spouse, a child, sibling or a friend can add grief to those whisper companions ever-present in our lives.

Time doesn’t really heal. We  find ways to dull feeling, but death of a loved one becomes a life companion.

Memories of harm clutch, and refuse to let go. Trust besmirched by betrayal, no matter the degree.

Ghosts? Memories? Spirits? Silent companions, always near.

A line in a book, the breeze across the porch, a smile from a stranger, or the innocent look of a child can force us to recognize grief yet again.

Silent meals become the norm when what needs to be spoken cannot be said. All other conversations are far too trivial. The walls of the house become a fortress sealing us–or a comforter  protecting  from a  world we cannot order.

All this is reality, that “time to weep” thing.    But we are amazing creatures.

When we are able, we talk. It takes time and patience to get to the deepest part of pain.  Baby steps building trust, but we talk when we find those who have earned our trust.

Old friends, renewed by happenstance,  long time friends, dearest family members walk us through.  Often friends do not realize the depth of what they give by words and acts of acceptance and support.

Friendship is an extraordinary gift.  I treasure your friendship.


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