Moments of Joy: Shauni Davis, Apolo Anton Ono, Shawn White and Evan Lysacek

Admittedly, I have my problems with Olympic ‘Sports’ preferring to recognize  this degree of sport as a very high dollar business.  My opinion of the business side declares that available dollars speak the language of success.  And they do, big time.

I made a decision to turn on the television and watch the following particular events.  No doubt there were other memorable moments in the Winter Olympics, but these four events were my choice.

That being said, I need a serving or two of crow.  The human moments trump the business side.

Watching these young men was amazing.  Shauni Davis and Apolo Ono are the epitome of grace under pressure.  They skate with intensity and precision and I was clapping and pumping the air with their success.

Shawn White?  Bursting….bursting with joy, unable to stop smiling, hyper even on the podium.  I wanted to be celebrating with his family.

It’s Lysacek in an upset read the sports page headline.  How could anyone call Evan Lysacek’s gold medal an upset? Breathtaking is so over-used, but I held my breath during several parts of his program.

The business end,  all the dollars invested opened their doors to success.  The sponsor support, the family backing and the lifetime dedicated to practice came together at the medal ceremony.  The personal human moment of victory was glorious.  The  performance of these four young men, medal winners and proud representatives of the United States, was amazing.

Crow does not taste like chicken.


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