Disaster Averted

Sam calls it The Sunday Room, a glass enclosed add-on that has morphed into a family room with framed photos too numberous to arrange.  Books and toys everywhere, along with pillows, afghans and sewing projects.  Holiday icicle lights give a beautiful sense of being at peace here.   Nice room.

During the holidays the extended family was drifting into late afternoon when Bob jumped up and ran into the cold.  Smoke was rising from the shed, a combination garage, workshop and storage barn.

We untied a long piece of hose stiff with cold, and attached it to the outside hydrant which proved to be temporarily frozen.  Running to the stall side overhang, I saw the flames covering the big tractor.  Bob called to Kaiya who quickly dialed 9-1-1.  I began ripping away the burning canvas cover and the upholstered tractor seat while Bob worked to free the water flow.  Within a very short time, the icy water extinguished the flames.  Building, vehicles and a 70 year collection of tools and treasures escaped.  Bob and Dan continued to check for sparks and/or hot spots that might flame again.

It was too late to cancel the fire truck and those dedicated fire persons came ready to handle our problem.  The Chief was  assessing the degree of control established.  To my embarrassment, I remember asking this very capable fireman why he was wearing a tee-shirt when I had turned blue with cold.  We laughed and exchanged some words about substitute grandmother taking care of business.

Concerned neighbors and family members quickly gathered to make certain everything was  OK.   Quick hugs, pats on the back and reassurances brought heartbeats and shallow breathing back to normal.

And it was over.  A defective engine heater had malfunctioned.  Had we been gathered in the living room sitting around the tree ….sharing a meal in the dining area…had Bob not been facing the shed…had the winds blown the  smoke westward…who knows the results of those circumstances.  This time,  disaster averted.

Wonder why it is so difficult to move the memory out of front and center?


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