Giving Thanks

Yesterday, Thanksgiving Day, 2009, the newspaper printed paragraphs of personal reasons for experiencing gratitude.  It was all there—family, friends, health, home, country, food, work, education, earth—blessings often so familiar we take them for granted.

Beautiful holiday and the tag line is ‘giving’.  Not the giving of gifts that can crowd out the reason for celebration, but the giving that goes eye-to-eye and says, “I care and I appreciate.  My life is better because you are with me as I make the journey.”

We hold back assuming that our loved ones know.  Not a good plan.  Speak the words even if they choke a bit coming out.  Could be that the words might be  received with a hint of  discomfort.  Still it is important to say them.  The   discomfort will dissolve in familiarity.

As a personal addition to the gratitude list, I  thank you, Gentle Reader, for being part of my journey.  I appreciate you.





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